Properties 2-5; Check! Boutique Suites On The Beach

Well, D&E Encompassed has been growing!  We have added 4 more listings on Airbnb for rent.  We have spent the last month and a half spending all of our time putting these together from scratch.  They are 4 apartments in the same building, right next to the SeaWard Cottage..on the same property! D&E’s Listings

For those of you wondering what it takes from start to finish to go from and empty apartment/house into a thriving Airbnb/short term rental..stay tuned, we will probably be writing a book.  When Derek returns from his underway, we will give you the cliff notes :)..

Ok i’ll tell you briefly..  thrifting for months, furniture refurbishing, furnishing EVERYTHING from silverware to couches to sheets to tvs to mattress..I won’t bore you with details, creative staging, spending time into the late night/early mornings in the dark because you don’t want to pay for electricity yet to put curtain rods together, constant managing of every detail..for every guest..every minute of the day, cleaning).

Anyways, our adventure of furnishing and managing short term renting is continuing to grow.  In just a month we went from,  -1,500$ to 25,000$ in bookings (this is for the 4 Suites, the Cottage is it’s own entity).  This is only the beginning, Norfolk is only city 1 on the list. Tip: Be creative and attentive to all guests. 

Easy money?  Nah, not easy, so do it with your best friend and spouse or you’ll hate it 🙂

Check out our listings on Airbnb!

D&E’s Listings

Some proof of the labor… (a few from each apt).. keep in mind, every single item.. every one.. has a story and a thrift buy or free find on the side of the road.. every single one..

Chesapeake Charm Suite
The Treasure Trove Suite
The Spanish Villa Suite
Loads.. and loads.. and loads.. and loads of laundry
Two free ugly bookshelves, now one big pretty entertainment center
Time crunch, no electricity

Derek— you’re my best friend, and forever teammate, I would not want to do this adventure with anyone else.. hurry home!

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