Solution: Ambulance 

Well, we knew that picking up free furniture on the side of the road, obessesive furniture bargains and estate sale buys would eventually get us to the breaking point. Tying large pieces of furniture to the top of a Jeep Renage with a rope has been time consuming, and insanely annoying.  We were able to get away with it at first, flipping furniture here and there, but recently our intake has been in large quantities, and we were loosing out on opportunists for buying, flipping, and selling for profit (due to our small roof). We also have been furnishing apartments, and have not had the proper transportation to pick up large items. 

SO, we found a solution; A 1984 ambulance solution. Yes…unconventional, but it does it’s job!

 It is already packed with all of CHKD’s Thrift store furniture. Six large beautifully under priced items, ready to be brought to life and re-sold.  If you are wondering, 200$ was spent, and at least 1,500$ return will come after we are done with them (which will cover the price of the ambulance plus some). We will keep you posted on that. 

More unconventional surprises to come. Stay tuned. 

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