So many things…

So many updates! We apologize for the delay.. because we know you are just sitting at the edge of your seats waiting for the next adventure ;). So we will go through and update you on the past month or so, that way we can catch you up to the here and now..

Rock climbing.. level 1 certified. 

Bend biking, 20 degree weather, first time in years, new top 5 favorite pass times.. 

Next stop, San Diego, where we met and fell in love.  Where we come alive, thanks to the 75 degree weather and cool resorts…sun therapy is a real thing! 

Next:  What we came home to after San Diego.. a nice surprise.. kind of..

And finally.. The SeaWard Cottage adventure updates..

(We explain these in detail, because they were more then interesting)

Ok, Guest 1: A nice young couple, a man was staying here to visit his fiancé who is in the Navy. Happy to have them! Here’s where the detour began.. the pictures above show lots of snow, which led to bursting pipes the night before they were supposed to arrive.  No water at all. We thankfully found someone to come try and fix it for us the next day. However, our guests arrived in the morning, and we had to break the news that they would have no hot water/ water in general for at least a day. Come to find out, there were 8 leaks in the pipes and it took them a day and a half to fix. So..that began the nice couples first night/day at the beautifully renovated cottage. Not to mention the WiFi man refused to get our WiFi going due to the snow. So they also could not use the internet for Netflix or Hulu (major issue). 

Thankfully, by the end of day 2 they had WiFi and hot water! Woohoo everything was back to peachy. Untill…the next day we got a text from them that says the door to the bathroom came off the hinges.. literally fell off the hinges.. disconnected door.. so there was that. We went and fixed it when they were out of the house, band aid work, but it worked for the rest of their stay, and they banked a 20$ gift card to Italian food :). Phew.  First experience with guests in the house was definitely an interesting one, but hey they gave us a 5 star review so we will take it! 

Guest 2: let’s just call this one a learning experience. Cliff notes—

She was a 17 year old girl, apparently going on college tours. She brought her cousin along, which she did not inform us of. When they showed up at the cottage to receive the key, they got out of a packed car, and without going into detail, right away her age was evident. However, she was very sweet and respectful. UNFORTUNATLY,  being sweet and respectful doesn’t make up for smoking in our cottage and lying about it. Especially when there’s evidence.. Derek and I are born investigators. So needless to say, we kept the 100$ security deposit, and our veting process has become more in-depth.   Also new rule:  18yrs and older please. 

So far we have learned about Airbnb and short term renting :

A) People don’t care about saving you money on your electricity bill (yes we may have driven by multiple times each stay to check on activity)— all lights on at all times and heat up to 78.. 

B)They don’t read notes from hosts for rules of the home.. the dirty towels go in a SEPERATE pile, not with the unused blankets.. laundry isn’t free people. 

C) if you have food or candy in the house, expect it to be eaten completely. 


We are truly glad we are doing this adventure, and are excited to see what else is to come 🙂  

It’s been a learning curve, but it is fun to see people enjoy our hard work! It is never boring, we get to meet people from all over the world, and it is booking up quickly! We have the summer months booked already! We have already made over 16,500$ in bookings, and still have several months not booked yet.

Along with the cottage, we have just began another undertaking.. 4 new renovated apartments that we are going to Airbnb. We will be decorating, staging and managing.

We are super excited to expand our D&E Encompassed business and get more properties.

More to come on that note..  

Ps…Living at the beach with your best friend and spouse is the best way to live 🙂

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