Love/Hate Relationship with the US Navy

I will forever be eternally grateful to the US Navy, without them I would’ve never met Derek, my soul’s mate. However, they are also my greatest enemy for taking him away from me frequently. 

Today is underway #1, of 6..or 7, maybe 5.. more then 4.. you never know with the Navy, so we will see. 

Fun fact: I was the last civilian on the pier before the ship pulled out.  Actually, the only spouse present all morning. For some reason, other wives/husbands don’t want to wake up at 6am to go see their person one last time for 2 min before they leave them for weeks.  And, other sailors don’t want to take trash out in the pouring rain just to see their wife for 2min before takeoff.  Weird.  This behavior from Derek and I isn’t surprising to anyone anymore.  We used to get stares and sarcastic looks, comments.. I assume they were just jealous. Especially on deployment when Derek received several care packages a month from me… the pillow with my face on it was the best I think :). But, after a year, they’ve seen it all and finally stopped commenting (not that we cared anyways).  For instance, every 13 hour shift he works, we find a reason I need to go to the base to see him.. bring a jacket(in 70 degree weather), laundry (..?), notebook, pencil, gum.. (even when he worked night shift and he “needed” that specific bubble gum at 3am.. I was there.) the gate guards don’t even question who I am or why I’m there anymore. 

Another fun fact: The risks/levels we will go to in order to see/ talk to eachother are high, enough to where I cannot share with you the rules that have been tested, the Navy would not approve. 

So, on another note, our newest venture has been put on a brief hold until he returns. 

If you care to explore our blog any further, you’ll see in the menu several tabs of different business ventures we are involved in/creating. You’ll also see that the pages are blank.. putting it all online is the last piece of the puzzle..check back in a week or so! Actually, that’s a lot of pressure, we will alert you when we have more to share :). 

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