Why Make Reservations? Just drive..it’s more fun. 

..Phew.. has been a while since we’ve been able to update, but before we get to the present we want to share our recent get-a-way to Washington D.C and the Shenandoah Mountains, lake, campground/cabins. All of which was planned on the go. We had no reservations, no agenda, no specific event in mind. 

News flash, road trips with no agenda are the best, and pose the most opportunities for adventure. Because we had no secure plans or reservations, we were able to take and explore the detours that were given to us. 

The story will be told as a picture book…

Washington D.C…Shenandoah Mountains – Car sleeping – no tent needed..Detour.. the car was too small.. decided we needed a cabin with a hot tub, so last minute we called Shenandoah Cabins, and it just so happened there was ONE cabin left..

Lake Shenandoah- kayaking for free..long story, but pays to be kind. 

Saved a turtle..
We decided we missed our home on the beach, so we returned home 4 days early. 

Which concludes our post deployment vacation.  

Stay tuned for our current adventure.. here’s sneak peak..

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