We Dare You..

We dare you…

Dare #1: Paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint and organize your life with it, focus your life with it. Yes, an entire wall. Use colored chalk. Use it to set goals, visualize expenses, write ideas, write motivating quotes.. draw.. 

When we began to try and figure out things such as; Which brilliant ideas and which ventures we wanted to begin, what our goals were, how to afford our life after the Navy, and what our life priorities are.. we had too many things to try and organize on a notebook piece of paper.. so being visual people we decided on a chalkboard. Which, led to a large chalkboard, which, led to an entire wall of Chalkboard.  Is it allowed in an apartment? Unsure.. but hey, if you don’t already know.. they owe us.
Honestly it feels freeing and is oddly a stress relief. For anyone who lives with a significant other or who has kids or who just wants to stay on the same page as the person they are living with, it’s a great tool. And, if you do it and regret it for some reason.. news flash.. you can paint over it. 

So, we challenge you. We dare you! Comment on our website and send us a pic of your Chalkboard wall… pics or it didn’t happen 🙂

(If you need help let us know.. it’s pretty complicated.. you’ll need Chalkboard paint and large paint brushes… which you can find at Walmart. )

Stay tuned..

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