Hobbies: Thrift Stores and Dumpster Diving

Our first piece of furniture in our new home: a sweet rustic pirate’s treasure chest, found in the apartment dumpster. This find was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between us and the garbage area (specifically the furniture section–turns out people in this place like to leave their perfectly good furniture and items next to the dumpster, which was later found to be supplied by the nice lady in apartment 7-E). Shout out to “Kee”!! 

Fun fact/ confession: We have literally gotten into the dumpster…where we discovered a few salvageable bits of wood cabinetry…currently on our balcony in a pile of other ‘gems’ still waiting to be “designed”. But to be fair it was a wood/card board dumpster only… we do have standards. 

Not all Finds are trash to treasure. Many things are snagged along the way on our almost daily trip to a local thrift store…

Fun fact: when we first moved in, our goal was to furnish the whole apartment with primarily thrift store finds and estate sale items..but damn those Wal-mart “Always Low Prices”. (www.Wal-Mart.com)  

Side note: Several of our treasures from garage and estate sales will be posted onto our Designs and Finds website. (Embrace-designsandfinds.com). Which if you don’t already know, is our side gig. Yes, on our off time we hunt down awesome hidden gems that have been tossed aside, and sell them to whoever feels a connection to the piece. Yes, you read that right, we find stuff in dumpsters and sell it to people, for money… 🙂 We also find old furniture and wood and refurbish/create signs. Or as we liketo say,   ” We are privateers, searching and finding those missing vital pieces of decor or that last completing touch to a wonderful collection. Hired hunters, it is our personal mission to find what you have not had the time to look for.” 

^^ why would you ever buy crates .. when you can just ask the cook at your favorite margarita spot if you can have theirs.  Yes, Micheal’s and Craft Warehouse are stealing from you. ^^ garage sale total price < a venti non-fat extra white mocha with whip cream at Starbucks 

^damn you walmart prices ^^ what was once theirs is now ours. 

Stay tuned

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