Post Deployment – Empty Apartment 

Alright. Made it back. 

The day was August 21st 2017. The homecoming of my favorite person. Instead of writing out a long sappy page of how we both felt, yada, yada…I think the pictures sum up the emotions after 7 long months apart. 

Adventure 1 of being home…. an empty apartment. The first 3 weeks of Derek and I being home was full of organized chaos. You know we enjoy Embracing the Detours, yet we have to admit that uprooting our life and starting over with nothing but a seabag on Derek’s back and a few of my boxes from Oregon, was nothing short of challenging (good thing we are in love). 

The first step in getting settled for us, was walking through the front door of our wounderful, new “remodeled” apartment across the street from Ocean View Beach, Norfolk, Virginia. We had already been paying for the apartment to be held for us for about a month.. so we were ready to finally enjoy our investment!… we walked in: 

Balcony overlooking the beach: check. Massive spiderwebs in the corners of the sliding glass door: check. Nice polished wood floor: check (will give props on that one). Air vents overflowing with dust: yikes. Yeah, that mold discolouse agreement, um not getting signed. Nice newly painted walls..not check. Sticky yellow substance on newly done cabinetry: check. And basically from there began a long list of “newly remodeled”, yet partially finished amenities. Oh.. and our favorite part was the saggy popcorn ceiling pointing down to a puddle of water on the was and still is hurricane season after all…. but just had to add that in for you. 

As we cleaned up the messy parts and focused on the reuniting of our souls, the $600 we retrieved from the noted lack of effort put into the ‘readiness’ of the place, and the beach view from our balcony, we finally found our Home: a permanent vacation here on the Eastern shore of the great Atlantic. 



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